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Amazing Frog? Hopping Holidays

Amazing Frog? Hopping Holidays is an OUYA exclusive sandbox game, featuring the Amazing Frog, in the town of Swindon- "Where the frogs live" Amazing Frog? is developed by FAYJU , the studio behind Cascade and Goldilocks and the 3000 Bears.

OUYA Store DescriptionEdit

Amazing Frog, the super hero of Swindon, only on OUYA..
Run around as Stunt jumpin' frogs and throw yourself off of buildings and into cars ... why? No idea... we like it.
On your own or with a friend causing destruction to the environment and also your self. Pick some things up and throw them around.


Hopping Holidays 1.3.5Edit

Note that for this update, the name of Amazing Frog? has been temporarily changed to "Amazing Frog? Hopping Holidays".

Update NotesEdit

This update is to celebrate the holidays
Adds a giant Toilet to discover in the Sewers
Some Test Cars to drive
and a giant Snow mans Head :0)
Among other updates and enhancements