The Anthracite Controller comes with the retail Anthracite OUYA, sporting a new, black color scheme. This controller has improved buttons, bluetooth and RL buttons, when compared to the original OUYA Controller. However, these improvements can be found in the Matte Black 16GB OUYA and the 2014 original controller revision. An improvement exclusive to the Anthracite controller is the new small "chasm" that can be found on the analog sticks, making them more comfortable. This is similar in design to the Xbox 360 controller.


The Matte Black OUYA Controller, like the original OUYA Controller has 4 buttons of which spell out OUYA, 2 analog sticks with press-down buttons, a "u" system button, a connected DPad, dual RL triggers and shoulder buttons, and a touchpad.

Controller LagEdit

The Anthracite controller seems to not have the controller lag issues that previous iterations of the OUYA controller have suffered from.