Application/Game title here
Developer Developer/Studio here (With link to website, preferably)
Size in MB Size in MB here
Release Date Release date here
Price Price goes here: FREE, FREE*, or $Price here

Application/Game description from OUYA Store here- may be edited as you see fit.


Put a simple walkthrough/tutorial of the different game modes including items, NPCs, and tips.


Put a walkthrough of the single-player mode here.


Put a walkthrough of the multi-player moder here.


Write information on power-ups and items here.


Write information on the different types of NPC here.


Write the game's default controls, if any, here.

Control 1 - R2
Control 2 - O
Control 3 - Y
Control 4 - L1
Control 5 - R1
Control 6 - LS/D-Pad
... So on, and so forth.


Write any notes or important information here. Below notes, provide a link that says "Push to OUYA" to the page for the game.

Push to OUYA

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