Flying Car is an experimental car-flying simulator in which you fly a car. Here's a review, courtesy of boxtropica.

A Little HistoryEdit

Flying Car came out pretty soon after the launch of OUYA, in an Alpha. Sadly, the game never got updated, and is now forever in a cryogenic freezer of Alpha-ness. But, just because it's Alpha doesn't mean it's /bad/, right? Let's find out!

Main MenuEdit

At first glance, the main menu screen looks wonderful. The logo is rendered in a subtle-like retro graphic, with subtle-like retro clouds in the background, leaving you with a gorgeous menu. But wait, what was that? After a moment, you'll realize that a lense flare appears every few seconds. That isn't too bad, except for the fact that the lense flare misses the retro mark and looks like a perfect lense flare... This turns an otherwise gorgeous main menu into a conflicting mess of "retro" and "annoying". Even further spoiling the deal is the horrid font for "PLAY" and the non-retro "O" button graphic. Well, I'm simply nit-picking, but nit-picking's my job, right?

User InterfaceEdit

Upon pressing "O" to select a level, you are presented with a well-designed UI. Simply select a level with the analog stick and select with "O". Simple and powerful!


In the first level of the game, "First Flight", you are tasked with flying through checkpoints. Gradually, throughout the 8 levels, you learn more and more mechanics. You learn how to land, turn, elevate, and fly through rings. (Superman 64, anyone?) Crashing feels very satisfying with damaging physics, and you may find yourself purposely crashing on the side, a little.


Flying the car feels very percise with great controls- every single bell and whistle you should expect is there, including analog stick sensitivity. There seems to be no lag, the controls feel great with an OUYA controller. Unlike most swimming/flying games, Flying Car- even in Alpha- manages to perfect controlling this abstract movement.


The graphics look great- reminiscent of Star Fox on the SNES with textures, Flying Car's graphics are consistent, appealing, and are enjoyable. The graphics are no Picasso, but they are amazing.


Flying Car is an enjoyable game, albeit short and in Alpha. It has great graphics, perfect controls, and makes flying fun. If it would ever go past Alpha I would hope for more levels, variation, and perhaps a larger map to explore. It's quite a shame that Flying Car never passed Alpha- it's rather rare to see flying done right in a video game.
Flying Car can be completed in about 10 minutes, but you may find yourself playing the Free Fly mode for a while longer. At the price of FREE, what do you have to lose? Flying Car is worthy of the small space it occupies.