As indicated on the List of Side-loaded Applications, you can install the [Humble Bundle app] on the OUYA and then use it to download and install purchased Humble Bundle games.

Most games will only show up under "MAKE -> SOFTWARE".

This list has been compiled from a post on CheapAssGamer, a thread on OUYA forums and some original research..

If you don't see a game in here, please add it!

This page is based on the List of Side-loaded Applications.


Functionality Description
On OUYA (or announced) An official Ouya release of this app has been announced is already available or has been announced
Perfect Works like it's on the OUYA store. No crashes, slowdowns, or missing/broken features.  Works with the Ouya controller out of the box, or it can easily be configured to use it. The developer could probably release this on the OUYA store as is. Contact them about it!
Good Playable with touchpad or mouse
OK Playable: has minor control issues, relies on the touchpad or requires some Google features.
Bad Crashes or is very fiddly to control
Poor Doesn't run at all, or with severe bugs, errors, or reliance on features not available to the Ouya. Probably not salvageable. Don't expect to see this work.
N/A Not enough information about how well this app works on the Ouya is available. Try it out and let us know!
Pointless Maybe this app or game would work, but by the very nature of its design it would not be well-suited for Ouya (for example, augmented-reality games that rely on cameras, GPS coordinates, etc.). Maybe it will work, but why would you need it to? For curious people only.

Bundle Name  Notes
HB for PC & Android 7, 8 The Bard's Tale
HB w Android 6, HB for PC & Android 7 Organ Trail: Director's Cut
HB for Android 1 EDGE classic & extended
HB for Android 2/3 Canabalt
HB w Android 5 Dynamite Jack Need to manually set button controls
HB w Android 5, HB for PC & Android 8 Solar 2
HB w Android 5 Super Hexagon
H Mobile B 1 Another World Tapping Middle Button brings menu up, but then quickly goes to title
H Mobile B 1 Metal Slug Not playable with Xbox 360 Controller. Unable to Use Credits/Continue After Death
H Mobile B 1 Raiden Legacy Not playable with Xbox 360 Controller
H Mobile B 2 Time Surfer Even shows up in "PLAY"!
H Mobile B 4 Riptide GP2
H Mobile B 4 Vector
HB for PC & Android 7 Anodyne Continue and Back Button are Mapped to same button...could be problematic
HB for PC & Android 7 Incredipede
H Mobile B 8 Little Big Adventure Reported incompatibility with wireless Logitech controllers
?? Gunslugs
?? Bardbarian
?? Leo's Fortune
HB for Android 1/3 Anomaly Warzone Earth
HB for Android 1, 3 Osmos
HB for Android 1, 3 World of Goo
HB for Android 2 Avadon: The Black Fortress*
HB for Android 2 Cogs
HB for Android 2 Swords & Soldiers HD
HB for Android 2 Zen Bound 2
HB for Android 3 Fieldrunners
HB for Android 3 Spacechem
HB for Android 3 Spirits
HB for Android 3 Uplink
HB for Android 4, HB w Android 5 Splice
HB for Android 4, HB w Android 5 Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
HB for Android 4, 6 Waking Mars
HB for Android 6, HB for PC & Android 7 Broken Sword: Director's Cut
HB for Android 6 Frozen Synapse Unable to zoom
HB for Android 6 McPixel
H Mobile B 1, HB for PC & Android 7 Anomaly Korea
H Mobile B 1 Contre Jour
H Mobile B 1 Plants vs. Zombies
H Mobile B 3 Desert Bus
H Mobile B 3 EPOCH Mouse recommended
H Mobile B 3 Kingdom Rush
H Mobile B 3 SpellTower
H Mobile B 3 rymdkapsel Only shows up in Humble Bundle App for launching, Warns that it requires Google Play Services, works fine without.
HB for PC & Android 7 Greed Corp
HB for PC & Android 7 Ticket to Ride
HB for PC & Android 8 Gemini Rue
HB for PC & Android 8 Hero Academy
HB for PC & Android 8 Little Inferno
?? Settlers of Catan
?? Badland Premium
?? Breach and Clear
?? OLO
?? Zombie Gunship
?? Syder Arcade
?? The Shivah
HB for Android 2 Snuggle truck
HB for Android 2 Smuggle truck
HB for Android 3 BIT.TRIP.BEAT
HB for Android 4, HB w Android 5 Crayon Physics Deluxe
HB for Android 4 Eufloria
HB w Android 5 Beat Hazard Ultra
HB w Android 5 Dungeon Defenders + All DLC
HB w Android 5, 6 NightSky
HB w Android 6 Aquaria
HB w Android 6 Fractal
HB w Android 6 Stealth Bastard Deluxe Works with OUYA controller, for Left/Right/Down...but no jump; does not work with 360
H Mobile B 1 Funky Smugglers
H Mobile B 1 The Room
H Mobile B 2 Bloons TD 5
H Mobile B 2 Carmageddon
H Mobile B 2 Karaketa Classic
H Mobile B 2 Punch Quest
H Mobile B 2 QWOP
H Mobile B 2 Star Command
H Mobile B 3 Hundreds Multi-touch required in later levels
H Mobile B 3 Ridiculous Fishing Requires motion control
H Mobile B 3 Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
H Mobile B 3 Swordigo
HB for PC & Android 8 Worms 2: Armageddon
HB for PC & Android 8 AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA
HB for PC & Android 8 Jack Lumber
?? Bridge Constructor
HB for Android 1 Toki Tori Force closes
H Mobile B 1 Bladeslinger Loops while loading
H Mobile B 2 God of Blades Does not take touchpad as tap to start
H Mobile B 2 Ravensword: Shadowlands Cannot select anything when prompted to use detected controller
HB for PC & Android 8 Anomaly 2 Need 2GB free
HB for PC & Android 8 Bad Hotel
?? Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 edition No input