Mukashi - Scrolls of Hope Edit

  • Mukashi is a top down adventure game inspired by the ancient orient.
  • It's being developed exclusively for OUYA!
  • Choose to play as either a male or female Mukashi.
  • Then explore the island of Kanoko in search of the Scrolls of Hope.
  • Customize your character and game-play, with magical stones found throughout the island.
  • Fight demons, soldiers, monsters, bandits and other exotic foes.
  • Collect treasure to trade your way to stones, scrolls and the favour of the islands inhabitants.
  • Solve puzzles and riddles, to uncover secret locations, full of riches and rare stones.
  • Use any means necessary to track down the Scrolls of Hope and save your people from the ever rising ocean.

Story and Lore Edit

 You play as a skilled warrior-scout, and recently chosen Mukashi.

Being chosen by your people is a great honour, and proof of your supreme ability in combat and exploration. Mukashi are chosen once every 10 years, and are tasked with leaving their home land, in search of the "Scrolls of Hope". 

An ancient legend tells of a time before your people struggled for survival, a time when they were still connected to Kanoko island. When they were first faced with the rising of the ocean, your people had to make a choice. 

To the north, was thick and dangerous jungle. Hunting, and farming at its edges, was your peoples main source of food, but many that strayed too deep were never seen again. However, the threat of the ocean cutting them from their main source of food, seemed greater than the danger of the jungle. 

They trained a small team of their best hunters, trackers and warriors and then sent them to their almost certain doom. 

These select few, bravely entered the jungle in the hope of finding a new home, somewhere safe from the rising waters.

They named these warrior scouts  "Mukashi".

Summer passed into winter, the oceans continued to rise, but no more was heard from the Mukashi. People began to loose hope and a channel of water now cut them from the mainland of Kanoko.

Then, as the tenth anniversary of the Mukashi drew near, a casket washed ashore bearing a familiar brand. Inside was a scroll, the first of the "Scrolls of Hope". 

It told of a safe haven for your people, it's location only revealed by the remaining scrolls, hidden on Kanoko island.

So now it falls to you, Mukashi, to find the scrolls and save your people.

 We now need to see if the Ouya and indie gaming/funding community is as excited about the project as we are, and hopefully reach our Kickstarter Goal.

Dengletrons Arcade, would like to thank all the staff, and contributors, at Kickstarter, OUYA, Unity, Gimp, Propellerhead, and Audacity.

Most importantly, we would like to thank the great fans and backers for your input and support!