By using this modification, you can run OUYA firmware and games on any sufficient Android device. This won't harm your system- no dangerous flashing, all you have to do is install a few APKs and move a file around! If at any time you wish to undo your changes, you can simply uninstall the OUYA firmware. Please, note that not all games will work on all devices. 1GB RAM+ and Tegra 3 or above is recommended to increase the chances for compatibility.


  • Root Access
  • Android
  • Tegra 3 and up, or some games may not run properly.
  • Phablet, tablet, or other Android device with a large screen. Standard-sized phones will not suffice, as you cannot see everything on smaller screens.
  • OUYA controller


  • Make sure your device is rooted, and that you can install applications from Unknown Sources.
  • Download the OUYA launcher & firmware from here.
  • Download the OUYA controller KL from here.


  • Extract the OuyaApks zip archive.
  • Transfer the APK files to your Android device.
  • Install all four of the APKs on your Android device, in no particular order. Do not run any of them until installing all of them.
  • Transfer the Vendor_2836_Product_0001 KL file to your Android device.
  • Move the KL file to "system/usr/keylayout" or equivalent directory for your device.
  • Restart your device.
  • Pair OUYA controller to your device.

Using OUYA FirmwareEdit

You should now be able to run OUYA applications and games from the OUYA launcher. (Press the Home button and select "OUYA")

Confirmed Working DevicesEdit

Please follow this format: "Device | Carrier (If applicable) | Any notes or information worth sharing"
Amazon FireTV | N/A | N/A

GPG G7 | N/A | N/A
ASUS Transformer Tablet | N/A | N/A
B&N Nook HD+ | N/A | N/A
Ouya running CM11 | N/A | N/A

Play Jam GameStick |N\A | N\A (Note: games work with official gamestick controller and game functionality on device is about 50/50-depends on what game it is.)

Confirmed Nonfunctional DevicesEdit

Please follow this format: "Device | Carrier (If applicable) | Reason it does not work"
Samsung Galaxy S4 | Verizon | Screen is too small
Samsung Galaxy S3 | Verizon | Screen is too small


OUYA Forums
XDA User mejdam
XDA User mejdam