Welcome to the wonderful world of OUYA!
The OUYA is an Android-powered microconsole, of which makes it easy to develop for and play. OUYA was founded via a record-breaking (For the time) Kickstarter in 2012 by Julie Urhman. The success lead to OUYA, Inc. and the first console. For a full history of OUYA, please read History of OUYA.

Every OUYA ships with:

  • A controller
  • A DC power cable
  • An HDMI cable
  • Manual


  • Android 4.1
  • OUYA Framework and firmware
  • Discover Store

Getting StartedEdit

To turn on your OUYA, plug in the DC cable and HDMI cable into your wall outlet and television, respectively. Now, press the "u" button on the top of your OUYA. Now, your OUYA is starting up for the first time- this may take a moment. When your OUYA is done, it will ask you to pair a controller by holding the "u" system button on the middle of a controller until the 2 middle LED lights begin to flash on your controller. Wait a moment, and paired! Now OUYA asks you to make an account and add a credit card (Don't worry, this is just if you decide to buy some games later on!)

Now, your OUYA is fighting fit, just waiting to be played! The OUYA main menu's layout is as follows:

  • PLAY -- A list of all downloaded games of which you can PLAY.
  • DISCOVER -- The OUYA game store, of which you can use to download and DISCOVER new games.
  • MAKE -- The section for developers to MAKE games, and also allows the average user to sideload Android games from other stores, such as the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store.
  • MANAGE -- A menu for MANAGE-ing your OUYA settings and saved data.

Recommended GamesEdit

This is a list of recommended games that you may wish to download in the Discover store!

Amazing Frog? is a sandbox game, similar of that to Goat Simulator, where you control a stuntfrog and "stunt" around the town of Swindon, making huge air and discovering secrets along the way. Amazing Frog? has made #1 on the O-Rank (The rank of which the Discover store uses to measure the most popular OUYA games) on many occasions.

Bombsquad is a gorgeous brawler of which you play various minigames with as little as 1 player to as many as 8 players.

Towerfall is a critically praised multiplayer arena game with retro graphics and timeless gameplay that will have you and a friend addicted.

Neon Shadow is a cyber-punk FPS inspired by Quake and the like, with a great Campaign, fun Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer.


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