The Transparent Devkit controller came with the Transparent Devkit OUYA sent out in late 2012, and is almost identical to the modern OUYA Controller.


The Transparent Devkit OUYA controller, like the OUYA Controller has 4 buttons of which spell out OUYA, 2 analog sticks with press-down buttons, a center "u" button, a connected DPad, dual RL triggers and shoulder buttons, and a touchpad. This controller had a different touchpad than that of the public version, and less tactile analog sticks, but these problems were fixed before the official release of the OUYA.

Controller LagEdit

This problem tends to occur when using 2 controllers or more, but can also happen if the controller is more than 5 feet away from the console. As of the Chupucabra update, wifi is automatically weakened to reduce controller lag when using multiple OUYA controllers.